Trollbeads Forest Flowers Glass Bead


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Trollbead Italian Glass Bead

"Large and small, in all manner of green colours, they peek from the forest ground, announcing the imminent coming of spring."
TGLBE-10128 or 61445

This bead was retired in 2018

The gorgeous, rich colours in this beautiful Forest Flowers bead shout out to be picked!  Flowers large and small in hues of green peek from the forest floor announcing spring is coming. A beautiful bead to add to your glass Trollbeads.

Every glass troll bead will be unique as each Trollbead glass bead is hand made from red-hot glass they celebrate the individuality this gives each bead.

  • Item no: 61445 or TGLBE-10128
  • Materials: Sterling Silver, Italian Glass
  • Weight:* 1.95 g
  • Designer: Lise Aagaard

*All measurements are approximate