Flower Jewellery Purple Haze Round Stud Earrings


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Real Flower Jewellery

These gorgeous Flower Jewellery silver stud earrings are made from a mixture of purple and blue flowers set in acrylic resin, encased in a silver bezel settings.

This stunning range of real flower jewellery is expertly hand crafted from real flowers that have been grown at high altitude and are hand-picked and dried briefly to preserve the colour. They are then set in resin and set in a 925 sterling silver bezel. A lot of work is put into creating these unique pieces of jewellery and although the idea is simple, the result is a joy to behold.

Due to the jewellery being handmade, each piece is unique and the flowers in each item will vary slightly in colour, size and shape.

  • Gift box included.
  • Item No: BLE01
  • Materials: Sterling silver, resin and real flowers.
  • Size: Diameter 10mm x 6mm