Trollbeads Expectation Silver Bead

Trollbead Silver Bead

TAGBE-50012 or 11525

"Pregnancy is the most delicate moment in the life of future parents – hopeful and anxious at the same time. The father cuddles the mother in a warm, loving embrace. He reassures her as they build the foundation of their relationship with the baby."

The Expectation bead is just absolutely lovely. Pregnancy is such a happy time in your life. Sometimes anxiety and hope will build up at the same time as the excitement and happiness. Having the father give you that hug is loving and reassuring. This is the perfect present for a loved one you know who is expecting their baby. A wonderful troll charm bead.

  • Item no: 11525 or TAGBE-50012
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Weight:* 4.2 g
  • Designer: Magdalena Jedrzejczak-Nalazek

*All measurements are approximate

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