Trollbeads Decorative Bird Silver Bead

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Trollbead Silver Bead

This bead was retired in 2018.

TAGBE-30030 or 11356
"Each bird sings with its own beak, and the choir of the world has room for all of them. This beautiful and decorative bird - you can almost hear it sing."

The Decorative Bird silver Troll bead is simply stunning and a fantastic addition to your troll bead charm bracelet. Birdsong, whether it is the morning chorus after the long, dark night, or the midnight hoots of an owl are one of life's treasures to hear. The birds' songs are such a pleasure of nature to listen to, as they sing their hearts out for what seems like no reason other than they can! Use this bead to help carry your own song.

  • Item no: 11356 or TAGBE-30030
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Weight:* 3.46 g
  • Designer: Soren Nielsen

*All measurements are approximate