Copper Magnetic Bangle

Patterned 8mm Bangle

Health-Giving Copper
With added magnets

A patterned Copper bangle, with added magnets for the health promoting benefits often associated with both copper and magnetic jewellery.  This particular copper magnetic bracelet is patterned - a plain bangle is available here.

Copper, in itself, is not magnetic, but it is said to have anti-inflammatory effects on the body and may, therefore, have painkilling properties.  One study* showed that copper from jewellery, can be absorbed in very small quantities in the body when worn and therefore offer some pain relief from arthritis.  Magnetic bracelets are commonly used to treat a range of conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, menstrual cramps, migraines and arthritis. There does seem to be scientific evidence to support the effects of magnetic therapy*.

These bangles contain both copper and magnetics and our customers tell us they find relief when wearing them.

Item No: CB1803  

* Source¹: Daily Mail Online Friday April 29th 2016

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