Trollbeads Antique Flower Glass Bead

Trollbead Italian Glass Bead

TGLBE-10248 or 61379

"Blue and purple on a dusty green. A frail, frozen moment from another time, like old-fashioned pansies in a faded photo."

This bead was retired in 2018.

This Antique Flower glass Trollbead has some rather stunning colours going through it that just look superb together. A lovely pale dusky green, with rich blues and purples for the petals of the flower. Exquisite! 

Every glass troll bead will be unique as each Trollbead glass bead is hand made from red-hot glass and Trollbeads celebrate the individuality this gives each bead.

  • Item no: 61379 or TGLBE-10248
  • Materials: Sterling Silver, Italian Glass
  • Weight:* 1.95 g
  • Designer: Lise Aagaard

*All measurements are approximate

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